Friday, 6 January 2012

The trials of flat circles!

A belated merry christmas and a happy new year!

For christmas I got a lovely bag of wool (among other things, like a quilt and cushion I will be sharing sooooon). I sort of knew I was getting this wool as I had asked for it, but because it's REALLY expensive (£4.25 a 50g ball!!!) I didn't expect to get all the colours I had asked for, but I did! This wool was planned for a special project that I've been craving to make for ages now. This cushion that I am stealing from little tin bird, who incidently orginally took it from here

I must admit that I am absolutely rubbish at thinking up new designs and projects of my own to make, and also there are two many wonderful things to be found in blogland for me to make for myself I would never get the time to make anything I thought up myself.

I couldn't get exactly the same colours as little tin bird as they have discontinued the yellow and orange, fortunately I managed to find a similar yellow in king cole merino wool dk but there is no orange to be seen anywhere!

So I started to make the cushion and it was all going pretty well until I got the the dark blue on the outside and realised I'd made a mistake! I am always slightly heartbroken when this happens (as it often does) BUT I thought I could fix it. So I carried on thinking that all was fine and dandy. No it wasn't, I finally figured it out and have to take it back to the yellow. What I haven't already mentionned is this is about the third time I've needed to take it back after making some colour choice mistakes too. Boo hoo. 

In conclusion I have decided I need to concentrate more to avoid these silly mistakes, and I wanted to take a picture of my efforts before I undid half of it, just to pove it did happen!


  1. It's looking very lovely so far!x

  2. Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog today and leaving a comment! I love your cushion so far and actually, I quite liked the blue! I guess it's too late to say that now tho! Don't worry, I get the 'wrong colour' thing all the time too, you're not alone!!

    S x

  3. Don't worry about the mistakes everyone makes them! Especially with large pieces they usually take a lot longer to notice! The first blanket I ever made took me sooo long because I would always accidentally put a stitch somewhere it wasn't suppose to be and it would take me 5 or 6 rows before I would see it...and then I would have to frog it all back and start again re-doing hours of work. One can only hope that eventually? you stop making mistakes but I think that's very wishful thinking ;)Your cushion looks great so far, I love how your mixing the bright pops of colors with the neutral grey, it makes them stand out really nicely.