Thursday, 19 January 2012

Homemade goodness!

The other day I took advantage of some good light, or at least I think it was but I'm not very good at this photography lark, to take some photos of crafty things I got for christmas.

This rainbow brooch made for me by one of my best friends. She told me that she'd noticed I have a lot of cardis which dont have buttons and could do with something to hold them together, so she made me this! I wasn't at all expecting anything so thoughtful or so well made, I even asked her if she'd bought it off Etsy! As you can imagine I was pretty excited about this one. :)

This is a log cabin quilted cushion made using mostly Cath Kidston fabric. My Auntie made this for me, this is the first handmade quilted thing I have!

My mum bought me this quilt from a shop in the Isle of Wight. We went there for a holiday in september and I remember admiring it, they only had a single one left though as they were no longer being made. The bed I have is a three quarter, which is about six inches off a double, and I thought it wouldn't fit so I didn't buy it. My mum bought if for me in secret though and I got it for christmas! I am so pleased she did because it really does look beautiful and it doesn't look bad size wise either.

This just shows a little bit of the back because it is reversible, yay! 

Well looking at all these pictures makes me think how lucky I was this christmas to get so many handmade presents! Speaking of making things for other people I thought I'd just share some I'm making. 

This is a 100 square rainbow blanket that I'm making for my boyfriend, only 8 more yellow squares to go!

And this is one half of a teapot cosy I'm making for one of my mum's friends, I'm using this pattern here, this was one of those rare occasions where I had to learn a new stitch!

One last thing I'd just like to mention is that Cherry Heart is starting a Pretty Crafty Home project for everyone so we can all support each other in making our homes, or in my case room, pretty. I think that this is a great idea and cant wait to get started and see what everyone else is doing. You can find more info here on her blog and there is also a flickr group. Enjoy!

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  1. What a lovely collection of items. I am loving the boyfriend-blanket..I am getting the feeling there isn't much you can't make. :)
    The quilt your mum got you reminds me of a stunning old 20s one my mum has. It's romantic colours and (I am sure) it always makes me sleep better when I stay there - something to do with the weight of it on top of the duvet. Yum. Does yours do this?