Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Knitted Blanket

Before I 'went off' to university I'd started knitting squares to make a blanket, this had been going on for years because I would always get fed up with how long it was taking and would constantly give up and then find it again a few months later. So before I was due to start my degree me and my mum decided we would try and finish it. In all I has contributions from 7 different people! Me, my mum, my best friend and her mum, my aunty and cousin and my grandma. 

 It's only made from scraps of wool that anyone had lying around but I absolutely love it because everyone contributed to it reminds me of everyone trying to get it done for me. There are also some individual squares which highlight some things which are important to me.

A guitar because my man plays, the girl guiding trefoil because I'm a brownie leader, an austin A35 because my Dad used to have one and mine and my friend's initials.

Well I just wanted to share this and I hope you enjoy! 


  1. How nice! Scrap blankets are really cool. You'll be able to keep this for years to come and think back and remember the people who matter most. How sweet :D I also love how the squares are different sizes, it makes it very interesting.

  2. Thanks! Yes i think sometimes it's good to steer away from being really neat.

    1. That's one magical blanket. It's amazing! I made one a bit like that for my man a few years ago but it's nothing on this beauty. What a nice idea to get different people to contribute to it. I love it!

  3. Wow, what a fabulous blanket. I love that it has such a story behind it, it makes it all the more precious!

    Thanks for your comment on my Pretty Craft Home' post and I say - yes, definitely your room counts. It is your living space after all!

    Good luck giving it a new leash of life!

    Sandra x