Sunday, 25 March 2012


I dont want to be too premature, but I think it's definitely here. Spring. I looked at the weather forcast and and there were five sunshines for the next five days! I don't really know why this puts me in such a good mood but it does!

So what do you do when it's so sunny outside? Get your shorts on and go on an OUTING!
I think it's much easier to take nice pictures when the subject just looks perfect.
Even though the water was freezing we did a little toe dipping. You can definitely tell that my legs haven't seen the sunshine lately. 
 This trip out was exactly what I needed to perk up my mood. Ice creams were even eaten! Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend. x

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  1.'s so pretty where you are. That water looks freezing, you are brave! I love feet photos, it's all so happy. It's grim grey skies here. Hope you still have happy sunny spring. :)x